TIQL Trainings

Textile Marketing And Merchandising

Textile Marketing And MerchandisingInstructorFeeDurationDates
Mr. Bilal   

Elements of merchandizing [Pricing /Product / Capacity/ Timeline / Quality / Communication / Documentation / Information Flow / Mode of Payments & Shipping... Read More...

Textile Pricing And Costing

Textile Pricing And CostingInstructorFeeDurationDates
Mr. Bilal   

The Course with help the textile design students to understand the pricing & costing of products with the prior knowledge of Textile Marketing & Management....Read More...

Time Management

time managementInstructorFeeDurationDates
Nadeem Aslam   2 days 

We have designed this training module to highlight the importance of time management to lay man, employees and business. Anyone and everyone can take.... Read More...

Effective Communication Skills

Effective communication skillsInstructorFeeDurationDates
Nadeem Aslam  2 days 

To make yourself an impressive and noticeable person which stands out from the group or community, you need to focus on your communication skills.....Read More...