TIQL Courses

Contact Center

SplitShire-5137 Instructor Fee Duration Dates
Mr. Bilal 5,000  4 weeks
Contact center, both inbound and outbound, is a fastest growing industry of Pakistan these days. As it is cost savvy to outsource contact centers in Pakistan. Read More…

English Language

pexels-photo Instructor Fee Duration Dates
Mr. Bilal  5,000  4 weeks
As English has become a standard language for almost whole world so it is necessary to learn speaking and understanding English in order to step ahead.  Read More…

IELTS Course

pexels-photo-46274 Instructor Fee Duration Dates
Mr. Bilal  7,000  8 weeks
IELTS has took a lot of importance is last decade due to which it has been set as standard for couple of procedures. It has been marked as mandatory check  Read More…

IT Basic Concepts

technology-computer-chips-gigabyte Instructor Fee Duration Dates
Mr. Bilal 7,000  3 Weeks
With the rapid increase in the usage of computer systems and information technology, the urge to learn IT basic concepts and its uses has become vital for everyone. Read More…

Microsoft Office

coffee-cup-mug-desk Instructor Fee Duration Dates
Mr. Bilal  7,000  8 weeks
Microsoft office is getting so common these days that everybody is using one or more of its modules in their routine life for personal or professional purposes. Read More…

English Language Accent Training

Accent Training Instructor Fee Duration Dates
 Mike Litman
We would love to share our knowledge of English language accent training on Accent Modification, Accent Reduction, Linking/Connected Speech, Clear Speech and Pronunciation.. Read More…