We are passionate about developing world class workforce





“We emphasis on practical application of the learning to enable you for real life application.”

Faisal Khan, Founder

Who We Are

We are a group of people who believe that human potential needs to be nurtured and developed. Through this process we can develop world class professionals who are equipped to handle challenges of the knowledge economy and can compete with a global workforce.

We bring over 75 years of collective experience to the learning and development in the relevant fields. Seasoned professionals from diverse fields bring a specialised focus to the trainings and skill development programs. From Selling to procurement to accounting and finance to contact centre industry, we have brought together specialists to offer you the best of the learning experience.

What We Do

We will provide you with an environment, which is conducive to learning and practicing what you learn. Unlike other, we believe that learning is best achieved when you get a chance to apply what you have learned. This will maximise your learning and will enable you to translate your learning into a new skill. The skill, which will help you move forward in the intended direction.

Our courses are designed with emphasis on practical application of the learning. Most of our courses have an element of practical training. We will arm you with skills which you can use from the day you complete your course and are ready to apply in real life situations.